Geographical location

Hebei University of Environmental Engineering (HUEE) is located in Beidaihe district, Qinhuangdao city, Hebei province, which is a summer resort with beautiful environment. It has a pleasant climate and has its unique regional advantage. As the provincial city of Hebei province, Qinhuangdao is one of the first coastal open cities in China and an important foreign trading port in the north. The city is in north China and in the north of eastern Hebei which is in the center of Bohai economic circle and the economic junction of northeast and north china. It is in the south of Bohai, in the north of Yanshan, in the east of Huludao, in the west of Tangshan and next to Chengde in the north. There is the world’s largest energy output port-Qinhuangdao port. Qinhuangdao was named after the Emperor Qin’s request for immortality. It co-hosted the Beijing Asian Games in 1990 and the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. It is the only city which co-hosted the Asian Games and the Olympic Games. It is also the second batch of low-carbon pilot city in China, the first batch of national smart pilot city, one of the 200 top charming cities in China in 2012, one of the 10 top leisure cities, the first batch of construction of barrier-free demonstration city, one of the 20 top happiest cities and the number one prefecture-level city.

Development history

HUEE has its distinctive features. Environmental Management College of China, which is known as the "Whampoa Military Academy" of environmental protection system and the "green cradle" of environmental protection talents, is its predecessor. HUEE is a higher education institution approved by the State Environmental Protection Department of Urban and Rural Construction in 1981 and put on record in the Ministry of Education. It is one of the frontier colleges in China to launch programs on environmental education. The college got the permission of the Ministry of Education to upgrade to a full-time practical and technical undergraduate university in 2016. It is the only one environmental undergraduate university in China which was co-constructed by Hebei Provincial Government and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. It is the first patch of Chinese and American application technology education-“Double Hundred Plan” pilot university. Professor Qu Geping, the former director of National People’s Congress Environment and Resources Committee and Xie Zhenhua, the former vice director of National Development and Reform Commission, successively hold HUEE’s presidency.

Academic department

The enrollment of the full-time students is more than 7600 in HUEE. There are 14 academic departments, they are environmental science department, environmental engineering department, ecology department, information and engineering department, environmental art department, economics department, humanities and social science department, sports department, general course department, Marxism and Leninism theory department, adult education department, environmental technology research and experimental center, modern teaching center and international exchange center. There are 9 research institutes; they are environmental education institute, environmental information technology institute, cyclic economy institute, ecological protection institute, environmental monitoring and emergency management research center, environment engineering technology service and consulting center, environmental art design and service center, environment and social development research center and environmental law consulting and service center. There are 5 major professional groups; they are “environmental management”, “environmental engineering”, “ecological environmental protection”, “environmental art” and “environmental protection support”, which form the professional building structure of “the strength of a complete range of environmental professionals and the special advantage of non-environmental professionals”. HUEE offers undergraduate programs, covering 10 professionals including environmental science, environmental engineering, environment and ecology engineering and so on and college program covering 38 professionals. Nearly 20 professionals are the environmental ones which covers all areas of environmental protection work and the whole process of environmental protection. “Environmental management”, “environmental monitoring” and “ecological protection” are the first professionals with the profound educational background and widespread influence. HUEE has formed the self-characteristic talent training mode meeting the laws of higher education during the process of school running. HUEE has successively completed 2 national quality resource sharing courses, 2 national quality courses, 1 provincial quality resource sharing courses, 10 provincial quality courses, 3 provincial model specialties, 2 provincial outstanding teaching teams and 2 practice training bases support by the central finance.


HUEE has a faculty of 498, 366 of whom are full-time teachers including 38 professors and 139 associate professors, altogether 167 professors. Among them there is one Hebei provincial top teacher, 20 provincial and municipal excellent teachers and education workers, 2 excellent experts and 3 professional and technical talents of Qin Huangdao, 11 experts and professors have been employed as the postgraduate and doctoral candidate tutor by Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University, Yanshan University, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University , Hebei Normal University of science & technology, Harbin Sport University and Hebei  Agricultural University.

Scientific research

HUEE persists in the theory of opening on school management and has set up the scientific and technical service system based on scientific research and achievement transformation. There are 12 college scientific research teams. Since 2010, the teachers have accomplished 444 scientific research projects belonging to the departments of provincial government or above, including 59 provincial (ministerial), 1 national natural sciences foundation , 101 teaching reform research among which 102 belonging to the departments of provincial government or above won rewards on scientific research and teaching achievements, including 13 provincial (ministerial ) or above. 1289 academic thesis have been published, including 610 core journals or above, 225 recorded by three principal index , 95 patents, 62 consulting reports,104 academic monograph and textbooks, 90% of which are environmental ones. 11 textbooks have been included in the national planning textbooks since the 11th five-year plan, and the Environmental Economics has been named as “the quality textbook for regular higher education in 2008".

Cooperation education

HUEE fosters international academic interchanges and cooperation actively and has successively established friendly relationship with universities, colleges and environmental organizations in many countries and regions, such as America, Nether Land, Japan and so on. Visiting scholars are mutually assigned to perform academic exchange and research. HUEE has successfully held the conference on the environmental protection and sustainable development forum, EU-China Conference on innovation environmental management and sustainable development, the EU-China network for capacity building on municipal waste management, and the reception of the delegation of the earth council recent years. In 1999, HUEE established a co-education program with Van Hall Institute. Since then a large number of students have been to Van Hall Institute and gotten bachelor or master degree of Van Hall Institute. In October 2009, HUEE signed a cooperation memorandum of a bachelor's degree in business and the straight entrance to master degree with Madonna University, USA. In February 2012, HUEE signed a memorandum of 3+1 cooperation model with the City University of Seattle. Meanwhile, HUEE has successively cooperated with more than ten universities in China in various forms, including Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Harbin Institute of T Technology, Northwest A&F University and so on, and set up strategic cooperation relations.

Construction and equipment

HUEE moved to the new campus in October 2014, an eco-environment protection demonstrative one highly combined with its school characteristic in Beidaihe, which was formally put into use. The campus covers a total area of 665.12 mu, with a building area of 215,000 square meters, including 132,300 square meters of the administrative building. The total value of the teaching equipment of HUEE is 65,729,500 million yuan. There are totally 637,000 books in the library and 106.03 books per student. There are enough internal and external internship (training) rooms (base) with perfect equipment and simulation environment, including “the Environmental monitoring and management technology training base” and “the environmental art design training base” supported by central financial, electronic wastewater treatment technology laboratory co-established with Foxconn, especially the Sino-Dutch Demonstration Research and Training Center For Water Treatment in HUEE, a cooperative item by China and Holland, subsidized by Holland government, has become a model of Sino-foreign cooperation. HUEE has successively co-built 17 school-enterprise cooperation laboratories with  CSD(Beijing)EP. Development Co. Ltd, Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited and so on, 3 school cooperation laboratories with Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Yanshan University and 1 cooperative base with Qinuangdao Standing Committee of NPC.


In the past 40 years, under the leadership and guidance of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Hebei Provincial Government HUEE has been persisting firmly in environmental protection and local economic development services and formed the distinct environment education features who has achieved outstanding achievements in job training of environmental protection system, adult education of environmental professional and higher vocational education. Nearly 5,000 environmental protection director of prefecture city and county received job training; more than 24,000 in-service environmental cadres took further education and more than 26,000 college graduates were cultivated for the society.  HUEE played an important role in the historic stages of the development of environmental protection in China whose school history witnessed the development of environmental protection in China.

To continue to do so, HUEE will go on follow the school motto of “unity, preciseness, objectivity, innovation ”, develop the school spirit of “diligent, practical, green, harmonious”, keep to the teaching style of “ preciseness for fact,  strive for perfection, ” and the study style of “diligence and honesty, high aspiration ”, obey the school idea of “ to meet the social needs as a guide, to improve the education quality as a core, to train highly skilled personnel as a fundamental, to culture the spirit of the university, to accumulate the culture of the university, to mold the soul of the university, to intensify the environmental education characteristic, to build the green and harmonious campus” to enhance the connotation of the school.

In the future, our diligent and intelligent staff, together with all the friends, will dedicated to the cause of environmental protection in our motherland, make positive contributions to the construction of a people-oriented, resource-conserving and environmental friendly society.

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